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Business Executive Exchange

The Business Executive Exchange (BEX) is a self-run, non-profit association of non-competing business and professional firms founded in 1983. Only one firm in BEX may represent each type of business category. As mentioned in our brochure (PDF format), each member must pledge to conduct business with the highest regard for our code of ethics.

The objectives of our organization are to:

  • Exchange business leads with BEX members
  • Become familiar with BEX member businesses
  • Learn about issues in business, community and nation
  • Participate in BEX social activities

BEX is a proven way for members to obtain additional business. BEX records indicate that members have obtained as much as $1.5 million in new business per year as a result of direct and indirect leads from other BEX members!

BEX members believe that familiarity and trust foster lasting relationships and will provide more and better referrals over time. Our low-pressure environment is designed to encourage quality relationships between members.

Visit a meeting and find out how BEX can help you grow your business!