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BEX: Membership

BEX dues are paid quarterly (with a discount if paid annually) which includes the cost of all breakfasts and social functions. Note: Because BEX is self-governing and non-profit, all dues are used for the direct benefit of BEX members, unlike many other networking groups which pay local or national dues.

How To Join

Who can be a member of BEX?

The members of BEX are businesses, not individuals. Each member business selects a representative and one or more alternative representatives to participate in BEX activities.

Can my business join BEX?

A business or professional firm that does business in the western suburbs of Chicago is eligible to join BEX if it:

  • Commits to attending meetings and providing leads
  • Is not in the same primary business category as an existing full BEX member
  • Has a sound business and ethical reputation

How does my firm join BEX?

Print and complete a Membership Application and mail it with a check to a BEX officer. Checks should be made payable to Business Executive Exchange.


Contact any BEX member. He or she is committed to answering, or obtaining an answer to, your questions.

Membership Levels

BEX offers two membership levels, plus a Member Emeritus status.

Full Member

A full member firm enjoys exclusivity within their primary business category.

Associate Member

BEX recognizes some executives may be unsure about committing to every Wednesday morning right away. Our associate membership provides a discounted membership rate but limits the member to either one meeting of their choice per month. At the end of six months, associate members must become a full member to continue.

If a business in the same category wants to join as a full member, associate members have a first right of refusal to become full members.

Member Emeritus

Prior attendees that have retired from their business are welcome to attend meetings and pay for their meals on days they attend.